With respect to issues regarding Israel and Palestine, Congregation Tikkun V’Or is dedicated to justice, equality, human rights, and security for all. Our members have varying perspectives on how to achieve these goals and we share a commitment to an open and respectful dialogue.


• Deepen our community’s understanding of the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

• Provide a space for rich discussion about strategies for social justice in the Middle East.

• Explore our ethical responsibilities as Jews, Americans and/or Israelis.

• Open new avenues for moving forward in our commitments to social justice in this region.

The Congregation Tikkun v’Or Israel-Palestine Social Justice Committee organizes and supports educational events about the Middle East conflict for members of the temple and broader community.

We believe that working for social justice is a core Jewish value, directly called for in Jewish text, and seen throughout Jewish history. 

We proudly claim that the call for social justice has a rightful place in a spiritual community.  Such work can and must include speaking out against the oppression of all peoples. Even when the oppressor is a Jew, or a Jewish nation state, we must uphold the call for justice. 

Programs being planned include:

• Shabbat dinners with informal discussion about topics in Israel-Palestine history, current events, and/or culture;

• Book group -- readings to be determined, but could include The Lemon Tree by Sandy Tolan or The Idea of Israel by Ilan Pappé;

• Go as a group to attend and discuss relevant films, lectures etc. presented at Cinemapolis, Cornell, Ithaca College and downtown.