Students at Congregation Tikkun v'Or Religious School use the URJ Mitkadem Hebrew series to learn Hebrew for prayer and understanding. Regular practice reading at home is easy with the Mitkadem audio links. Just click to hear and read along for Ramah (Level) 4 - 18.

Behrman House Publishing also has some wonderful Hebrew learning resources. Click here for on-line Hebrew learning games and reading practice.

Listen or download prayers chanted by Cantor Abbe Lyons. Page numbers are from Mishkan Tefillah.


Friday Evening Prayers

Shabbat Evening Candlelighting - page 120 Download

L'cha Dodi - page 138 Download

Shabbat Evening Kiddush - page 123 Download

Note that we use the version that says  "im kol" instead of "mikol" on line 13

Kiddush text with "im kol" here.


Shalom Aleichem - page 142 Download

Barchu - page 146 or 226 Download

Shema - page 153 or 232 Download

V'Ahavta - page 154 or 234 Download

V'shamru - page 162 Download


Morning Service

Blessing for Putting on a Tallit - page 190 Download

Mah Tovu - page 192  Download

Morning Blessings - page 198-202 Download


Elohei N'shama - page 196 Download

Eili Eili - page 653 Download

Mi Chamocha - page  240 Download


The Amidah

Adonai Sifatay - page 242 Download

Avot v'Imahot - page 166 or 242 Download

Gevurot - page 168 or 246 Download

Kedusha - page 170 or 248 Download

Oseh Shalom - page 180 or 260 Download


Torah Service

Shema, Echad, Gadlu - page 366 Download

Aliyah (Torah) Blessings - Page 368 Download

Note that we use the version that says "im kol" instead of "mikol" on the 5th line of the blessing before Torah reading

Text in Hebrew with "im kol"  Here


Misheberach - page 371 Download

Blessing Before the Haftorah - page 372 Download

Blessing After the Haftorah - page 372 Download

Eitz Chayim - page 374 Download

 Holy Mountain Download

Concluding Prayers

Aleinu - page 586 Download

Mourner's Kaddish - page 598 Download

Adon Olam - page 625 Download

Torah Trope Download